Trainer to Client Building a foundation of trust By Trish Ordway

   In the Fitness Industry there are many stereotypes. People are bombarded with social media and expectations of how one should look. This is a lot of pressure on individuals that want to get fit and aren’t sure of the best avenue to pursue. Each individual has a certain goal of how they want to feel. Some may want to just gain lean muscle. Some may want weight loss so that they can get off of the medications that have been prescribed due to their current weight. And some people are just tired of feeling unhappy and want to be able to look at themselves and feel good.


It can be terrifying walking into a gym for someone that has never been exposed to this environment.


Personal Trainers are a great way to start a relationship with someone. It can be a very intimate experience in that the client is offering up information to the trainer that is very personal to them. What their eating habits are, any physical limitations, etc. Also, body measurements need to be taken at the initial assessment to help the trainer build a successful plan of attack. This can be a VERY scary concept for someone.


As a Personal Trainer, it is my job to make sure this individual trusts me to help them. That I want to help them achieve their goals. That I am their BIGGEST fan! This is why connecting with them and really actively listening to them is vital. They may be skeptical at first, but they need to know that you want the best for them. However, as their biggest fan also comes expectations and accountability. Trainers can be seen as “tools” to help the client work toward their goals. But in any partnership there has to be accountability on both parties. I do my part to write a workout and work on a meal plan but I expect you as the client to hold up your end of the deal and work hard to stay on track. Once the rapport is there the trust increases if both work together to hit that goal.


Nothing makes me happier as a trainer then when I see a client pushing themselves and when they think they have given it all I tell them to push a little harder because they CAN. They finish that last rep feeling exhausted, perhaps in tears, but accomplished. I have been known to say to a client, “this is YOUR workout, what do YOU want to get out of it?” In my house we believe that the word CAN’T means you CHOOSE not to. It is mind over matter in anything you do and fitness is no different. I have seen clients that have come in saying to me, “I can’t do that it, it’s too hard.” But working consistently with them, encouraging them, pushing them beyond what their mind tells them…they hit that milestone we worked together to achieve. I witnessed a client get her first full push up and crying with her as she expressed that she just needed to get out of her head and believe she could and I helped her realized she is stronger than she ever imagined. You are accountable for you and trainers are here to help guide you on your journey. We will help you get there if you TRUST us to lead you to your new happier, healthier lifestyle.


Trish Ordway CPT/Group Fitness Instructor