Mental health and Diabetes

Having to deal with the ups and downs that Diabetes can bring is an #EverydayReality that we as diabetics have to face. Diabetes is a serious mental game; you have good days and you have bad ones. With Diabetes you never know what your blood sugar will bring you one day to the’s a total crap shoot.

A few months back I was on a weekend trip in Charleston, South Carolina and the whole weekend I was hitting high 300’s for my blood sugar. The high numbers were very frustrating, stressful, and mentally exhausting. I could have easily let this ruin the whole weekend, but I decided I was just going to do my best to control it. I decided that instead of stressing over the numbers, I was just going to enjoy myself and have some relaxation time with my wife instead.

I am a very positive and upbeat guy and I am not going to let this disease run my life. We have to remind ourselves that as diabetics we are going to have good days and we are going to have some bad ones. It’s our choice how we handle those situations and it’s important we address them when it really gets us down or frustrated.

If you are having trouble mentally with your diabetes please talk to someone. Whether it’s through social media, talking to a friend, a loved one, or a professional, know that you are not alone. There is a large group of diabetics out there that would love to help you. Diabetes does not have to take over your life and you have the power to control that.