I started a podcast

Hey everyone! I am so excited to announce that I started a podcast! My Type 1 Lifting podcasts will discuss everything from fitness, to diabetes and everything else in between.

My first few episodes are a little rough, but I am working on getting better as I gain more and more experience.

My first episode is about how Type1lifting got started and in my second episode I interview Maddie Bowlin, a type-1 weightlifter who got a ticket to compete in nationals.

You can find my podcasts on the Apple Podcast app by just searching for “Type1lifting” in the app. You can also click the direct link in my bio to listen to my first two episodes as well.

If you have a moment, please leave a review so it can help my podcasts get to new listeners. Thank you, I appreciate your help!

Type1lifting is a fitness brand that offers quality shirts. Proceeds go to the Children’s diabetes foundation.